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Quality Assurance

With the advantage of our own engineering and inspection team, Company conducts a comprehensive management and control of product quality.
1. Manufacturer Auditing
Company audits each of our vendors including evaluate suppliers’ manufacturing capabilities, concepts and corporate culture, methods and systems of production management, quality management, production process control and process management, contact and management of external suppliers, design and technical support, logistics management.

2. Enquiry evaluation

All technical data of each enquiry must be evaluated by company professional expert and get confirmation by our cooperation mill, we can confirm that all the technical data can satisfy the client`s requirement and related standard, even if there is some special requirement from end user, we can also try our best to meet the requirement by cooperation with mill.

3. On-line production Supervision
Online production supervision can cover the entire production process, in accordance with the contract requirements and technical specifications. The supervision is beginning from the re-examination of raw materials, process assessment, the production of internal control, test items, mark, packaging, and all the other aspects of a full range of production.

4. Final Product Inspection
Detection of the product in accordance with international and national standards, including: the physical performance testing, chemical analysis, nondestructive testing, reliability testing and packing report.

5. Logistics Survey

Monitor product handling, storage, strapping, transport loading and other logistics chain.

6. Production schedule report

To better know production schedule, Company will send production schedule report every week to client, including production photo, quality control ways, testing result, delivery schedule and others.

Insists on the principle of "Quality First " at any time and stage.

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